Welcome to TerreGale!

TerreGale began back in 2002 with my purchase of a lovely blue lynx point Javanese. He was my heart and soul and my first show cat. That boy lost his life far too soon at just shy of 7 years old from amyloidosis. At that point I looked for a healthier breed and found American Curls.

My love affair with the whimsical, intrinsic, dog like, Peter Pan of cats began in 2004 and will continue on forever. Curls are very interactive cats and they NEED to be where there people are always. This could be in bed snuggling or perched on a shoulder while you attempt dinner.

I relocated to the amazing state of Alaska 5 years ago and took a much needed break from breeding to reorganize life priorities and cattery goals. I am currently working with the chocolate and color point genes and have welcomed two very lovely Lilac Torbie girls to assist me in that process.

TerreGale is a TICA registered cattery and we breed to the TICA breed standard. I have chosen to use TICA as my primary registry as I believe in having genetic diversity and using domestic outcross from time to time. CFA and many other registries no longer allow for this and with a breed as small as the American Curl I believe in outcrossing and encourage it when done cautiously and according to breed standard.

Stay tuned for information about upcoming available kittens!