How much intervention?

I try to keep this page up to date and relevant as to things that are important in my breeding program, American Curls as a whole, and of course current cats and litters. Sometimes I fail at posting enough information about what it really is like to not only love this breed but to dedicate your life to promoting them and creating the best representations of the breed that one can.

I have 2 litters currently that have been the 2 largest litters I have ever had. Rose delivered on October 5, 2020 7 lovely kittens. One kitten sadly passed away not long after birth and when I found the kitten with mom it looked like it had been accidentally suffocated while mom was birthing another kitten. I was very upset and performed cpr on this tiny neonate hoping to breathe life back into it but that did not happen. I also second guess if I left her area for too long between delivering babies although it had only been about 15 or 20 minutes. A breeder always questions if something could have been done to prevent the loss. Being a breeder means making hard choices. It is a balancing act of when to intervene to prevent tragedy from occurring and when too much intervention could cause a tragedy to occur.

My second litter of 7 kittens from Moon was born on 10/26/2020 and on 10/28/2020 we lost the very tiniest of this litter. This kitten appeared to have aspirated and when I found it was cold and had mouth open with milk around the mouth that was beginning to be dried in the corners. Aspiration issues happen quickly and this was not a kitten being bottle fed. I have religiously checked on Moon and babies every couple hours and still this one was not able to be saved.

On one hand I am very sad that any lives were lost. On the other hand I wonder if these losses had not happened would they have taken away from the other remaining litter mates with such large litters. The remaining kittens in both litters are fat, active, and very vigorous. These are the things that make being a breeder hard, but they also are the same things that make being a breeder rewarding. We would not understand the gift of each life without also understanding the tragedy that comes along with each loss.

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