Our Kings

We take the job of our boys very seriously. Keeping intact males is not always easy so our aim is to retire boys young so they can be happy household pets and show cats. I am very fortunate that my current king does not spray and is never caged.

American Curls are unique in the fact that in TICA we are able to outcross to domestic cats of unknown heritage to maintain genetic diversity. My current King is a domestic longhair and has done his job at adding new genetics very beautifully. His son Inferno will be taking his place as up and coming King.

Infinite Kosmos of TerreGale

Kosmos is a red point domestic longhair who I was given from a friend who has a small homestead farm. His cat had kittens and kittens needed homes. I had just arrived in Alaska and had no intent of breeding right away but my “curl breeder eye” selected him with hopes he would end up being perfect.

He has an amazingly gentle personality, soft coat with minimal undercoat, great big ears, and modified wedge, all on top of a rectangular body. For an outcross he was the perfect choice. He also brings colorpoint to my chocolate breeding program and that is my ultimate goal.

TerreGale Blazing Inferno

Inferno is the son of Rose and Kosmos. He is a red classic tabby shorthair boy. He has an incredibly loud purr and is very athletic. My ten year old daughter is teaching him some agility tricks and he has picked up very quickly. Fern as I affectionately call him has incredibly tall third degree ears as well as lovely eyes. I am very much looking forward to showing him some once Covid restrictions allow us to do so.